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"A. Masini" Theatre
"A. Masini" Theatre

The construction of the Masini theater, in Faenza began in 1780 and was completed in 1787, was made possible thank to the initiative of “Accademia dei Perduti”, a group of intellectuals and artists from Faenza (established in 1673). The very first theater, was built in 1720 where the “Salone del Podesta” once stood, it was a wooden building designed by architect Carlo Cesare Scaletta; this structure, due to the use of wood and other perishable materials, deteriorated rapidly. Abandoned the idea of renovating the Salone del Podestà, the Accademia dei Perduti decided to build a new theatre, in Piazza Nenni (formerly Molinella).
The theatre was inaugurated on 12 May 1788. Masini Theatre is a perfect example of Italian style theater and of the neo-classical architecture in Italy.
Masini Theatre has undergone to renovation in recent times (1984-1990) – in accordance with the law on Public safety and was brought back to its original aspect. In particular, the statues, thanks to the meticulous work of cleaning have been returned to their original white colour; the interior surfaces have been restored revealing the pink stucco as well as the light blue bands between the levels.
The vault structure of the corridors and of the boxes have been consolidated and the mechanical system (a unique wooden structure perfectly preserved) has been restored. The renovation of the external facade has seen the replacement of five columns.

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