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Palio del Niballo

palio e rioni/img-palio.jpgIl Faenza celebrates its history with the Palio del Niballo: the five districts (Rioni) of the town enliven the whole month of June with challenges between flag-throwers and drummers, festivals and bacchanals and the twofold "singolar tenzone" in which the knights face each other up in the Saracen joust.
The coats-of-arms of the town districts once again can be seen six months later, this time on majolica mugs (gotti): the true stars (once filled with mulled wine) of the "Nott de Bisò", when the Niballo (used as target in the Palio) is burnt on a bonfire, thus exorcising the passage from the old to the new year.

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The districts (Rioni) of Palio del Niballo