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Rione Rosso – Porta Imolese
Rione Rosso – Porta Imolese

The headquarters of the Rione Rosso once housed the convent of the Sisters of St. Maglorio.
Inside, the ground floor there are the local recreation club, the yard, with its ancient tower where once was dried silk, divides the local wining and dining.
Specifications are wineries, called "Baiocco": they develop into three aisles, and a fourth called "Baiocchino".
There are various activities that take place in such spaces that easily lend themselves to various kinds of exhibitions and conferences on diverse subjects: in particular, in the period preceding the Palio, you make dinner Renaissance.
Upstairs there are the "noble rooms" where the costumes are exhibited on the occasion of the Palio, is used for dressing the characters that make up the "Historic Walks", composed, in our case, by eighty participants.
The main activities being an integral part of the District Red reenactment of Niballo, are aimed at keeping alive the traditions of chivalry Lordship Manfreda, particularly the period around the second half of 1400.
Special remarks by highlighting the "Historic Walks" are the extras of the five Noble Houses (Accarisi, Pasi, Rogati, Laderchi and Ubaldini), the hunting scene formed by the door and the falconer greyhounds, horses parade mounted by portagonfalone, Checkers and knight, and the two heads of the Armed who wear chain mail.
In concrete historical research are in the making of costumes, and the preparation of the Knights and horses that will include the performance of the Palio in the dispute.
Do not forget the efforts of the group Musicians and Flag Wavers who, in addition to internal strife, they are called in various countries of Europe, being recognized winners in several national titles and world championships organized by FISB (Italian Federation of flag-waving).