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Rione Giallo – Porta da Ponte
Rione Giallo – Porta da Ponte

The Rione Giallo is a cultural association founded in 1960.
It has as a primary goal to win the Palio and the Gare Flags and participate in the best way, in all events that are organized in their corollary.
To this end, the District has within the various bodies dealing with the duties incumbent on him unfold.

In Group Scuderia working riders who compete for the Palio and other equestrian competitions to which the district participates, it is also the Group overseeing the company's equine heritage.
The Flag-Wavers and Musicians, in addition to tender Faenza and those organized by the Italian flag-waving, which joins the group, is often called upon to undertake performances in Italy and abroad.
Of this, as well as the Group Scuderia, which are part of the younger generation with the help of older people prepare for future competitions commitments.
The Group is responsible for researching historic costumes of the models, implementation, maintenance and storage of costumes, weapons and armor can be worn by the extras in the neighborhood during the various events to which the District participates.
The library was named after the poet Angelo Lapi Faenza whose curators, as well as to collect texts and documents dealing with the history of Renaissance and more particularly that of Faenza, organized every year series of conferences on topics as diverse religions all'ippologia, the role of women in contemporary society to 'macrobiotic, open to all citizens, members and non members.
The Recreational Club, with its bars, used to meet the leisure needs of the members of the District and to promote, with dinners, races, parties aggregation between different generations.

To oversee all this is called, with elections held every three years and to which they are entitled to attend all members, a Chief District which is flanked by two captains and a Board of Directors.