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Rione Bianco - Borgo Durbecco
Rione Bianco - Borgo Durbecco

The Rione Bianco includes the territory of Faenza divided by the river Lamone Durbecco called Borgo, and it is for this reason that leads to a banner of blue on a white coat of arms depicting the ancient bridge towers that once united the village to the rest of the city.

The headquarters of the district is adjacent to the Church of the Commenda, dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene, who was one of the most important buildings and historical artistic heritage of the entire Faenza. The foundation date back to the XI-XII centuries, while the tower, restored after the war, is five hundred.

The activities of the district, involving especially the youth of the neighborhood through the active participation of the Palio Niballo or one of the many side events that take place throughout the year.

His group of flag-wavers, also called "flag-wavers of Fra Sabba" rightfully belongs to the "group of musicians and standard bearers bandieranti Faenza" and its components are recognized nationally as among the most valuable and appreciated that the Italian Federation annoveri Flag-wavers. Moreover, the Ward White stands for decades with all the traditional specialties in competitive leagues in the city and the Italian category.

The Ward White, as is tradition, opens its doors to a growing public during the two weeks preceding the disputes of tournaments on horseback. All the years have provided a series of festivals and historic events taking place at Mansfield Park or to the church of the Commanders. Adjacent to the club is open to the neighborhood "Tavern of the Cloister," characterized by a typical medieval setting by the light of candles and the fire from his mangiari they collect for years with considerable success outside the city walls.