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Church of Santa Maria dell'Angelo
Church of Santa Maria dell'Angelo

The building was erected by the Jesuits with works beginning in 1621 extremely hard, long and made difficult by numerous unexpected events, such as the raising of the dome, for which they turned to the Bolognaise Ercole Fichi in 1646 who substituted the Roman architect Girolamo Rainaldi. Also, the façade remained incomplete in two parts and still in rough indented bricks that were to subsequently have a top gable with one above door. Regardless, the wall face with one above door. Regardless, the wall face with its chiaroscuro and elaborate moulding hasa successful effect. S.Maria dell'Angelo is the first example of Baroque in Faenza. The interior is grand, re-proposing the classical model of Jesuit churches (single hall with side chapels, transept surmounted by an enormous dome). There are numerous artworks: apart from the 1500’s altarpiece of the main altar that gives the church its name, but was placed here only in 1778 and of unknown artist (the traditional attribution to the Faentine Sigismondo Foschi has been contested by many), there are the twoside obelisks of the main altar, the very first pieces of Borromini style in Faenza (and by Borromini himself is the definite version of the altar project, originally designed by Padre Virgilio Spada).

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