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The perspective or "Fontanone", as it is commonly called by Faenza, is the architectural scenario at the bottom of one of the most important avenues of the city, the "Stradone". The general layout of Stradone Avenue dates back to 1816. He remained until the middle of last century as a rough dirt path with a tree-based gliders. The current arrangement, with a central carriageway measured from the two side streets regularly planted with plane trees, dates back to 1860.

In 1823 the Deputation of the Public Walk, in accordance with the standard-bearer Margotti Antonio, decided to complete the street with a building that would serve as a terminal and the perspective that it was used, similar to that of the same name designed by Petitot Parma and ended in 1765, as a place meeting and ristorodurante Sunday walks out the door.

The deputation, for the construction of the building, called a signature giving itself the goal of collecting 1200 crowns, of which 1000 are to be allocated to building works and 200 in prize lottery in favor of the underwriters. On August 26, 1823 was published the manifesto of the opening of public subscription, on 30 October, the date of closing of the "lists", you had to see that shields it arrived less than half were not sufficient for the realization of some of the projects possession of the Deputation. It was announced a new call for artists and local school do drawing, which also had a course in Architecture directed by Peter Grave (1774 - 1846), setting a spending limit for the works of shields 500.

The monument was built in the summer of 1824 Prospect, the place where there was already a preserved ancient aqueduct water, using one of two winning projects under the supervision of Peter's tomb. The work was carried out by enterprises of the two foremen and Gaetano Petronici Paul Factors. The Prospect was inside a room for pouring coffee and soft drinks such Kafehaus. It was crowded on holidays and summer afternoons as a meeting point of the families of the aristocracy and upper classes, who, in a carriage, asserted their crews more luxurious, leaving Imolese Gate repaying Montanara Gate crossing the main square .

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