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Monumental fountain
Monumental fountain

The Fountain in Piazza della Liberà is one of the most famous monuments of the city of Faenza, and for its central location, a landmark well known to all.
Until just over a century ago it clothed also a very important practical function, as well provided water to the population healthier than that of the wells within the city, often polluted by sewage from barns or sewage dispersal. Faenza was one of the first cities of the Romagna region to adopt an aqueduct which, although limited to a few points of issue, was for long a source of pride for our community.

Already in the Renaissance fountain for use by the people there at the local arcade. Then, in 1583, was commissioned to convey the water in the center Paganelli brother Domenico (1545-1624), architect and superintendent of the factory Papal of St. Peter (ie the Cathedral Faentino).
He found a very good drinking water near "Cartiera" and began the construction of an aqueduct in terracotta, work that was long since discontinued because the friar was called to Rome for other works.

It recovered in 1614 and the same Paganelli, at the suggestion of Cardinal Rivarola, commissioned the construction of a source the Ticino architect D. Castelli, who led the work completed in 1621.

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