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Oriolo Tower
Oriolo Tower

The tower was recently restored outlining the beauty of the fifteenth-century wall in face bricks with a beautiful string course curb in “spungone” stone. The current construction dates back to 1476, the year of the reconstruction of the small fortress carried out by the Manfredi’s, the noble family of Faenza. Tradition has that it was Giuliano from Maiano, the Manfredi’s trusted architect (sent to Faenza by the Medici in the spheres of a complex diplomatic and cultural relationship between the two families) and who were in Faenza during those years; Da Maiano’s name has, though, always been mentioned without any real proof and only as a result of indirect suppositions and for sentimental and historical reasons. Inside we find five floors; the first two are basements while the remaining three are joined up by a wonderful winding staircase made in sandstone, and which is still perfectly preserved.

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  • Address
    Via Oriolo, 19
    48018 Faenza RA
  • Area: Outside city
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    Saturday and Sunday: March and November 1.30-5.30 pm; from April to October 2.00 to 6.30 pm
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    Free entrance
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