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Riccardo Gatti Museum
Riccardo Gatti Museum

In 1998 a permanent museum was opened in the historic rooms of the manufacture. It is open to the public and inside it is possible to admire a precious retrospective collection of the rarest pieces of pottery, realized by Riccardo Gatti since 1908, when he didn’t have his own workshop yet.

The route in the museum goes on with the production which follows 1928, the year of foundation of the Gatti ceramics workshop. The pieces of work, relative to this period, represent a rich evidence of the collaboration relationships which Riccardo Gatti established with artists of the futurist movement. Later, he personally joined this movement and became known and appreciated in the world of art as the first futurist ceramist, as a writing by Marinetti of 1928 attests. This collaboration gave very important results in the field of decorative arts. From the Gatti workshop vases, plates, coffee services and tiled signed by Balla, Benedetta, Dal Monte, Fabbri, came out.

And one of the most important programmatic points of the futurist poetics was realized, bringing the highest expressions of the artistic avant-garde also in the objects of daily use.

In the following show-cases the first works with reflections are conserved, realized between the end of the twenties and the first years of the thirties: vases, statues, bowls, where the technique invented by the master shows, in the wide range of iridescences and tones, an incredible richness.

Riccardo Gatti’s experimentations turned with as much interest to the research of shape. The following show-cases keep the most reppresentative works of the second post-war period, when the famous production of anthropomorphous-shaped, zoomorphous-shaped and abstract-shaped pottery began.

The secret of the technique with reflections is still kept alive in the workshop, and the conclusive show-cases of the route collect the rarest results, obtained in the last twenty years, in the continuity of this tradition.

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