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Main events (September 2024)
30 August - 1 September
Argillà– Italia: “Ceramics Festival” 2024
A “long weekend" in Faenza, one of the world capitals of majolica (the name of the city itself gave rise to the word “faiences”), to discovery the world of ceramics and ceramicists, through events, exhibitions, and cultural and spectacular activities.
20 - 22 September
Il Talk del Post
19 - 23 September
Festa d'autunno
L'agnello rosola sullo spiedo, gli strozzapreti col nodo sono già in acqua bollente e l'orchestra folk fa ballare il pubblico: qual miglior modo per accogliere l'autunno?
17 March - 13 October
Gio Ponti, inventore del Made in Italy

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