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Rocca Park - "Il Tondo"
Rocca Park - "Il Tondo"

Even though small in size – just over half a hectare, with 270 plants – with its almost superseded aspect, the Rocca park has historical and documentary value (together with its recreational and ecological value), mainly for the fact that it is the oldest public garden in Faenza. It was first created in the early 1960’s with the name “The Children’s Park” in the area of the ex lawn of the Rocca, that had only the avenue of plane trees (still present) connected to the Avenue. It was originally a zoological garden that was progressively reduced in the early 1980’s and totally disappeared today; for this purpose there was a large cage with monkeys, a double cage for puma and leopards with a pool for water raccoons, an aviary and a central fenced area with emus (Australian ostrich), alpaca (similar to South American lama, only larger) and dapple-grey deer. To the side there was a small pool, still partly existent today, with marsh turtles. In the current language of Faenza the park has never been referred to with any of its several official names: the only successful name has been "Il Tondo" for the its circular track and this name is still used today. In the 1990’s the park was the object of long restoration aimed at conserving the better parts and re-using the zoological section in other ways. Therefore the turtle and raccoon pools became flower beds, the cages are now used as outside kiosks selling piadina and the hill with the deer and alpaca den has regained its decorative element, with access for pedestrians.

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