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The Magione Park
The Magione Park

Covering 5,554 square meters, with some ninety trees, this park has some recent and an old, built on an old icehouse, now inaccessible and unusable but which is still the "hill", with an interesting cover periwinkles, laurotini and oaks, which represents the most interesting, and old (countryman hundred years) of the park. The rest are to report the good parts of the walls manfrediane (mid '400) that encircled the village and bordering the park to date. On the wall facing the entrance, in addition to the structure "arched" recognizable, you can see a strange hollow, like a proscenium theater: it is a semi-circular domed room made ​​from within one of the towers (in origin for the entire wall were over 35, today there are 26). It seems that in the past been used effectively for small outdoor performances.
These, of course, the usual small structures "service": benches, wooden tables, a drinking fountain.

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