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Rione Nero – Porta Ravegnana
Rione Nero – Porta Ravegnana

The headquarters of the Rione Nero is located within yard area where you make all the neighborhood activities (preparation of bandieranti standard bearers and musicians who accompany the parade on the day of the Palio of Niballo) as well as all cultural and recreational side that engage people of all ages.
The headquarters are jealously guarded the red satin drapes witnesses of victories in the race of the Palio Niballo, to witness the victories are well gilded towers and towers of silver (the latter for the winners of the race in the discipline of the flag of the pair traditional). The site occupies the upper floor a small museum which houses the rich parade costumes worn for the occasion of the race, from our neighborhood. On the facade are exposed ceramic panels in memory of the Palios won by the knights, executed by the best masters of art of faience.
In June, as usual, on the eve of the race each year are planned week of entertainment and culture where you can also enjoy traditional dishes from Romagna tavern set up specially for the occasion.
The historical parade of the District is open from the Black Musicians Group composed of players of trumpets and drummers followed by the group of flag-waving waving flags with flame pattern in the upper symbol of the District: the maritime pine in a black shield with chain white field and the effigy of the Gate of Ravenna in the bottom. Following is portagonfalone riding with the local flag, designed by renowned artist Maestro Gaeta Faenza, escorted by a squad of uniformed armed guards noble sword.
To follow the banner there is the ringleader and the Lady both with horses with harnesses parade. In succession, you see the gentlemen of the neighborhood with their regalia accompanied by their madamigelle, halberdiers and the standard-bearers who close the show.
The preparation of the riders is the case to the stables, located in St. Ursula Street, where the horses are cared for every day and where the carousel horse and rider are training to be able to bring their own ward and then the race win the prize.
The Ward Black has a group of about 40 elements of flag bearers and musicians each year to prepare for competition with the desire to get the best and this is perhaps the secret that has led him to collect achievements and trophies nell'ambitissima Square Faenza, as well as in numerous national competitions, where he collected Italian titles, not just as a group, as well as individual specialties.
Through these awards the Ward Black has had a chance to be known both in Europe, where the preparation, the skill and spectacle of traditional couples, couples acrobatic, small and large teams, accompanied by evocative sound of trumpets and roll of drums, have always entertained and amused the audience share.